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All about my favorite throughout the year 2010!

Part I: Singles
These are my 20+5 most listened tracks from 2010.01.01 to 2010.12.31. Click the song name to listen.
I 久石 譲 (Joe Hisaishi) ft. Sarah Brightman | Stand Alone
['坂の上の雲 (Clouds over the Hill) OST', 2009]
music by 久石 譲 (Joe Hisaishi); lyrics by 小山薫堂 (Koyama Kundo)
II Crystal Kay ft. 川畑要 (KANAME of 'Chemistry') | After Love (First Boyfriend)
['Spin the Music', 2010]
written by Craig Robert McConnell, Naomi Shobha Lee, Saeko Nishio and Crystal Kay
III 宇多田 ヒカル (Utada Hikaru) | Prisoner of Love
['Heart Station', 2009]
written by 宇多田 ヒカル (Utada Hikaru)
IV Sixty Miles | เวทมนตร์ i
+ Sixty Miles ft. ลานนา คัมมินส์ | เวทมนตร์ ii
[Single, 2010]; ii ['Blacksheep Compilation #8 - Season Finale', 2010]
written by วิกรม สุริยะชัย
V Owl City | Fireflies
+ Owl City | Vanilla Twilight
+ Owl City ft. Breanne Düren | The Saltwater Room
['Ocean Eyes', 2009]
written by Adam Young
VI Big Bang | 声をきかせて (Let Me Hear Your Voice)
[Single, 2009]
music by Teddy Park; lyrics by 山本成美 (Yamamoto Shigemi) and ROBIN
VII Scrubb | คนนี้
['Kid', 2010]
written by ธวัชพนธ์ วงศ์บุญศิริ
VIII พิพิธพล ขำรัตน์ (ที Jetset'er) | ดีอย่างไร
['Lazy Sunday', 2009]
written by ปัญญา ปคูณปัญญา
IX 手嶌 葵 (Aoi Teshima) | テルーの唄 (Therru's song) i
+ Meja | テルーの唄 (Therru's song) ii
['ゲド戦記 (Tales from Earthsea) OST', 2006]; ii ['AniMeja: Ghibli Songs', 2010]
music by 谷山浩子 (Hiroko Taniyama); lyrics by 宮崎吾朗 (Gorō Miyazaki); English lyrics by Stephen Alpert
X Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift | Two Is Better Than One
['Love Drunk', 2009]
written by Martin Johnson
XI สิงโต นำโชค | Wake Up i
+ สิงโต นำโชค | ทิ้ง (Leave It There) ii
['Singto Numchok', 2010]
i written by สิงโต นำโชค and Malia Rowe; ii written by สิงโต นำโชค and เรวัติ ก่อรัตนคุณ (Tua of 'Rhythmatique')
XII Perfume | Voice
[Single, 2010]
written by 中田 ヤスタカ (Yasutaka Nakata)
XIII John Mayer | Heartbreak Warfare
['Battle Studies', 2009]
written by John Mayer
XIV 久石譲 (Joe Hisaishi) ft. 福原美穂 (Miho Fukuhara) | Your Story
['悪人 (Akunin) OST', 2010]
written by 久石譲 (Joe Hisaishi), 이상일 (Lee Sang-il) and 吉田 修一 (Yoshida Shuichi)
XV Singular | 24.7
['The White Room', 2010]
written by ทศพร อาชวานันทกุล (Sin)
XVI L'Arc~en~Ciel | Bless
[Single, 2010]
written by Hyde
XVII Armchair | คุณเก็บความลับได้ไหม
[Single, 2010]
written by อภิวัชร์ เอื้อถาวรสุข (Stamp)
XVIII Super Junior | 니가 좋은 이유 (Why I like you)
['Sorry, Sorry', 2009]
music by Jimmy Burney, Steven Lee, Sean Alexander and Pascal “CLAPS” Guyon; lyrics by SHIRO
XIX B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars | Nothin' on You
['B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray', 2010]
written by Bobby Ray Simmons, Peter Hernandez, Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine
XX Bodyslam | ความรัก
['คราม', 2010]
written by ขจรเดช พรมรักษา, โป โปษยะนุกูล, อาทิวราห์ คงมาลัย, พูนศักดิ์ จตุระบุล

Part II: Films

Although I rarely went to the cinema last years (due to the country situation), I was glad I didn't miss these 2 films: 'Inception' and 'Toy Story 3'. Inception is the great blend of many types of movie while Toy Story absolutely gives the audiences entertainment and good thought.
Part III: Concerts

Contrastly, I frequently attended many concerts last year with widely range of music (from classical recital to rock gig to DJ set) and performance (from a small square room to a gigantesque stage. And my most impressive show is by the highly anticipated 'Depapepe' on 2010.12.04 at Honda Winter Fest' #5, Khao Yai. It's incredible that they can make the amazing show with no singing vocal use. Also a collaboration with 'Singular' is very very good especially the beautiful きっとまたいつか (Kitto Mata Itsuka) with Thai lyrics. GREAT!


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